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How many clothes should you have for sixth form?

This is such a dumb question and I feel embarrassed asking but I am socially anxious and I get worried about clothes. I’m about to start year 12 and I’ve bought nothing to wear for sixth form so kind of stressed out. Can anyone who’s currently in sixth form or finished it recently how many outfits/tops/trousers/skirts etc did you buy? I know no one really cares what you wear or if you rewear stuff but a general idea of how much I should have would be super helpful.

Also if anyone so happens to know where you can buy a blazer/jacket and a skirt/trousers that match (ideally I’m looking for something that’s grey) because my school has this annoying rule where top and bottoms have to match, which makes it impossible to find anything that’s not black. I’ve already tried generic ones like H&M, Next, M&S etc.

Thank you sm
Where gray trouser and blue shirt

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