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Troubling Grades

I require a school reference for my sixth form exam. In this, my End of Year 10 Grades were 998 for my 3 subjects (Maths, Chemistry, Physics.) Otherwise, I am a good student with no scandals and perfect behaviour in school. Unfortunately, due to stress and lack of revision I got a 6 in my most recent Maths test. This is an anomaly grade and I can easily improve it. My worry is that my school with tell my sixth form this is my Current working at grade (in the confidential reference) for my application, which will completely ruin my chances of getting in. Should I speak to my teacher and explain the situation. I need them to insert my Grade 9 for Maths and Further Maths A level - 2 Whole subjects!!! I also have not told my parents as it is embarrassing. How should I approach this issue? I need to consult the school fast, as the sixth form could consult my school at any given time.
Speak to your teacher, if you have consistently achieved higher grades in the past it's unlikely that they will take one test grade and nothing else, especially as it's not long into the new term and many students will do worse after having the summer off and being out of practice.

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