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When do exam results get moderated

I’ve just got my result for a deferred exam. On the results sheet the uni sent out at the top it said interim results. So I was wondering if that meant the results given are unmoderated? I’m 1 point away from the next grade and it’s been agreed by pretty much all my friends that the marking seems really harsh i.e people usually getting 70s got 50s etc so it seems possible the new marker we got due to the strike was extra harsh. Does anyone know when do “final” results come out or are the grades you get already moderated when you receive them?
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It's interim until the exam board meets. The external examiner is present at the exam board stage but not before that. It will already have been internally moderated but the board can move things around.
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Thank you!! Do you happen to know when that would be roughly? Or how likely it is that an exam board would change marks? It’s already September and I need the 1 mark in order to take a module I want this year. I know it’s not likely the mark would move up but as long as there’s that slight chance I keep stressing about it :frown:
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I have no idea. Ours meet end of Sept but it's different at different places. Also impossible to say how likely a switch up is. If itbdoes happen, they won't just move individual scores, it's usually either a whole unit's worth or none at all.

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