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Is a chromebook ok for a Masters?

I’m starting a masters in cognition and cognitive neuroscience soon and am struggling to decide what to do computer-wise. I have a laptop which I used for my undergrad but it is ridiculously slow. Even after a factory reset it runs at a snails pace. So, I’m thinking of getting a low-midrange chromebook for my masters for the purpose of note taking and essay writing.
We have a family pc at home and I’m fine using library computers for the more technical software, so I think I’ll be ok on that end. I just need something for lectures and essays.

My question is, would a chromebook be ok for these purposes? I really want to avoid spending too much money for just a year long course. I’m aware that chromebooks work mainly online and with google software, which I’m fine with as long as the uni wifi hold up
A Chromebook will do just fine but if you want a cheap Windows laptop, then I recommend getting a Lenovo laptop. You get good specs for the price.

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