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Transportation to university

I start uni in septs but my accom is an 1hr walking distance from uni. Since i wont always be walking i have 2 questions:1. How much on avergae is a 30 min bus ride in london (im not from london so idk prices)?2. Arr their any student bus passes/disscounts?
Hi there,

You can pay for public transport in London on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis - unlike other towns in the UK where you will buy a ticket to a specific stop.

You may have heard of Oyster cards - you can top these up with money and TFL (Transport For London) offer a student Oyster card, here is the link >

I hope that helps, enjoy your studies!

You can use an Oyster card or you can use a contactless debit card to pay bus fares.

Bus fares

A one way journey by bus is £1.75.

If you have to go on more than one bus within a hour, you pay the Hopper fare which is also £1.75

If you have to go on lots of buses during the day, then you will not pay more than £5.25 as this is the price that daily bus fares are capped at.

If you want to buy a bus pass for a week or a month, it's worthwhile getting a student Oyster photocard so that you can get 30% off the ticket, otherwise daily prices are the same with or without a student Oyster photocard.

Hope that helps,

Oluwatosin 2nd year student University of Huddersfield

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