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How do I convince overprotective dad to let me go on the trip
Pls help
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Hey! I did Bronze and Silver, and hopefully Gold next year so i'm very good at convincing my mum. First of all, DofE looks really good in your CV so employers would want to hire you more then if you didn't. Second, you get so many life skills, like living away from home, cooking your own food, navigation, commitment, you learn new skills and stay active doing your chosen physical and during the expedition and you also give back to your community by volunteering and help them( This would also look great on your CV if you choose a charity shop.) You can say that if he doesn't let you go, you would miss life opportunities for you to succeed in life. During DofE you gain alot of independence which is good since you need to learn it some day while also learning other stuff at the same time.
If you need any more info or need help defending a point he might make, ill be happy to answer it to the best of my ability and ill be more then happy to answer any questions you might have on DofE
Hope that helps :smile:
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Speak to your DofE organiser and ask how to best deal with this. They probably have experience of hundreds of worried parents who push their kids out into the wild hoping to get them back in one piece afterwards
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Thank you so much

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