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Will I fail the entire of National 4 if I fail on a 9 mark total test?

I just did my first algebra NAT4 test, I haven't gotten the results back but I've definitely failed despite the hours of studying that I've done for it. This is the first maths test I've failed (I got 26/27, 3 or 4 different tests, on my first unit, this test was in the 2nd unit and is the 1st test). I'm wondering if this could be quite detrimental in the future when getting my SQAs (or even getting into uni and college), and if so, is there any way I could redeem myself?
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Replied to this same question just now~
I'll copy & paste my answer here too (it's up to you whichever version you choose to read first) :h: !

Dude, calm down. the worst thing that happens is that closer to prelim/exam time your going to have to resit the test. thats all thats going to happen.

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