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Are GCSEs achievable from now until summer 2024?Am I too old too?

I’m wondering if GCSEs are actually achievable if I start revising for re sitting GCSE science, english lang, maths and other subjects that I’ve never done before from now until summer realistic? I am debating whether to stick with my original A-Levels (Psych , socio and rs) and get into Nursing - I would love to be a nurse as I love the caring side but my mind keeps telling me that I love science and I know I’ll regret it. Radiography is also interesting but I would rather get into Radiology (something that I would like) or Gynaecology (my dream) as I have so much interest. When I was bullied at school, I never enjoyed science and never tried at school which is my own fault but up until I have got better I have honestly loved learning about science in my own time. So, I may follow my dream and go for it (if it’s realistic) and actually re take GCSES and take A-Levels but only Biology and Chem as I don’t think I could handle Physics or maths imo but that could change after re taking my GCSEs and I may be fine with taking Physics (definitely not maths lol).
I just feel incredibly old as I’ll be 22 when receiving my A-Level results?! I’ll probably take a year out too most likely to spend time with my boyfriend (maybe) as he’ll be finishing uni at that time and I’m pretty sure he wants to go travelling. Would med schools not like this? So will be 23 doing med, how old would I be after completing radiology or gynaecology for example ?
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