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Can I get universal credit/income support if my partner is doing a PhD

I have just graduated from my degree and am now unemployed but looking for work. I moved in with my boyfriend who is doing a PhD in Scotland. He recieves a stipend which is not a loan but also not a traditional wage. I am really struggling for money and I'm putting strain on my boyfriend too because he is now having to absorb some of my costs. I wanted to apply for Universal Credit however you have to do a joint application and I know that traditionally you cannot receive UC if you are a student which he is even though I'm not. I know it says you may be able to if your partner is eligible however I'm unsure how I'm supposed to apply. I don't know whether a stipend classes as a wage or something else and when I use UC calculators this doesn't get taken into account.

I also want to fill in a HC1 form to have help with medical costs but I am having a similar issue with that. He is technically a student but his university treats it more like a job and it makes it very difficult to fill the form in. Any advice?
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Phone up or, better still, make an appointment to go in to your local Social Security office and discuss what benefits are available to you. Even contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau would be helpful.

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