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Patient services assistant interview

Hi, I’ve got an interview coming up for the role of patient services assistant at a medical practice… basically like a receptionist/ admin work. I’ve got no clue what type of questions they may ask and how to prepare

Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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Basically you'll probably be asked:-

1) why do you want to work with this particular medical practice
2) what if any previous experience have you got working as either a receptionist or in medical settings ( not always necessary as training should be provided if successful).
3) the role you have applied for is a private and confidential position which means that you can't disclose anything outside of the prayer can you do this.
4) what typing skills have you got as remember you'll have to be prepared to type at a certain speed.
5) how would you cope with angry patients especially if doctors running late 😞.

You can also ask any questions at the end like what sort of hours are you expected to work per week and how many days.

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