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I took my time to thoroughly read the job description and person specification to ensure that the experience, knowledge, skills and qualities tha I have will enable me to perform competently and effectively in the role.

I have a bachelor's degree in Nursing Science with 5 years post Qualification experience of working in an acute health care facility, and I also have Community and elderly care Experience. In addition to the 5 years I spent as a nursing student, I possess a Mentorship equivalent certificate. These qualifications have equipped me with a solid foundation in nursing and have enabled me to provide high-quality care to patients. I have NMC registration and have successfully passed my IELTS and CBT exams, have invitation to sit for OSCE exam in the UK.

In terms of experience, I have recent experience as a Staff Nurse in an acute areas such as Endoscopy, Medical and Surgical ward. My proactive approach to improving standards of patient care has allowed me to make a significant impact in previous roles. I have experience specifically in Endoscopy, which has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of this area of healthcare
I have good verbal and non verbal communication skills.often try to listen to them, ask them appropriate questions and think quickly to provide suitable solutions for their needs. I demonstrate paying attention to details information, giving feedback to questions, inquiries, ideas of others. I communicate difficult, complex and contentious information in a way that is heard and understood. For example, I used pictures to communicate to a patient with hear disabilities, seek for an interpreter for a patient whose language of communication I do not understand, with my efforts I was able to communicate effectively to them. Also, I respect individual when passing an information, therefore I ensure the tone of my language is pleasant, welcoming and acceptable. I have excellent dispute resolution skills, as I have manage patient who are angry by remaining calm, listen to their concern and then intervene at an appropriate time by explaining to them how I will resolve the issues in timely manner on several occasions.
I can organize ward activities effectively using my own initiative this I have done on several occasions by carrying out planned care for a group of patients without direct supervision. My problem solving ability is excellent. For example, in my current role,I have been able to monitor patients progress and work towards safe and timely discharge plans making sure that barriers to discharge are identified and acted on appropriately.

Over the years, I have developed competency in the safe handling, storage and administration of medication taking into consideration the 6 rights of medication administration. Haven worked and currently working in the same role, I have developed skills required to undertake clinical procedures in relation to the general medicine/ surgical ward and endoscopy ward such as passing endoscope into the mouth, vagina, urethra, insertion of male and female catheter and taking into consideration the use of aseptic techniques to avoid transmission of infection, cannulation, venepuncture, observation of patients and the list goes on.
My ability to work in diverse workforce which makes my desire to be among the workforce team in the UK, I believe this my experience will make me standout when delivery care with compassion and competence. I have considerate work and experience that I match for this job description.In line with my current roles, I assess, plan, implement and evaluate appreciate care to patients and escalate to team when necessary.

In my previous employment, I am accountable and I take responsibility in delivering health care to patients within and outside my department. I also identify emergency situations working in the endoscopy ward. I observe and identify changes in patients health condition, and render immediate treatment to them. I Administer oxygen to patients whose oxygen saturation level is below 90 percent, Administrate antipyretic to a febrile patient, reassure patients on current state of health. I work with team of doctors and anaesthetist as assistant, social workers and health assistant to provide individualised care. I have assisted in transfering patients to theatre for emergency surgery, transfer patients for expert management in other facilities for investigating and transfer.

Over the years, I have gained valuable experience in various positions where the need to help others, collaborate as part of a team, deliver excellent service and adhere to strict rules and procedures has been essentials. For example, while working as nurse in Lily Hospitals, I dealt with patients daily in person, via email and telephone. At all times, I was polite and respectful and asked questions to establish each customer's needs before creating the plan of action for dealing with their issues promptly and efficiently.
I also have extensive experience working as a part of a team to achieve a common goal. In my last position, I worked on a time-sensitive project for the hospital accreditation even as a newly employed staff, I was tasked with the responsibility of taking the accrediting team on a tour in the facility, ensuring I have a full knowledge of each ward's standard of practice in the facility, skillful with the new equipments and machines, and this made the hospital to gained their accreditation, I also ensures proper auditing with the audit and pharmacy unit and I was recommended for my outstanding performance.

In addition to being a good match for the job description and person specification, I have studied and learned the NHS values and have experience applying them in the workplace. For example, in my previous job, was commended by my Medical director for constantly putting forward. Ideas and opinions to my team as to how we could improve the service offered to patients and their relatives, this demonstrates my ability to apply the values of improving loves and working collaboratively with other teams for patients well-being.

I practice according to national protocols and trust policies while always ensuring implementation of standard protocols and precautions. I fully understand how important the NHS values are to delivering outstanding service and care to patients and I will work hard to demonstrates these in all my work.

In possessing the interpersonal skills and qualities to meet the demands of the NHS position, I have demonstrated my natural ability to be empathetic towards others through the voluntary work I have carried out for 1 month after completing my internship program, I volunteered at the hospital where I did my internship to assist the staff as a nurse was absent from work due to her health challenges. I also volunteered to practice to gain skills after graduation from school at the hospital in my community for nine months, the experience I gain during this period made me to be highly competent in practice, and more appropriative of love and how important it is to demonstrate respect, compassion and the understanding the needs of other people. The life experiences I have gained make me to respect everyone I come into contact with and I appreciate how important diversity is to the effective function of an organisation such as the NHS.

In addition to my varied and diverse work history, I have experienced researching information and delivery presentations. For examples, during my studies, I was required to submit regular dissertations based on facts and evidence, This work was engaging, enlightening and a positive was to develop my critical thinking skills and this made my project supervisor to commend my work.

In my previous and present work, I create presentations on various topics on how the promote the health system. I am proficient in using all Microsoft applications including PowerPoint, words, excel, Corel draw. I use word in documents and drawing of care plans for patients Management.

Outside work, I keep myself fit, healthy and active which means my concentration levels are always high and I can take on a large workload while dealing with stress and pressure that inevitably comes with a position in the NHS.

I take ownership of complex situations and challenges, instead of leaving them for others to deal with. I also take ownership of my professional development to ensure that my skills and knowledge enable me to complete my duties to the standards expected in my work.

I am flexible and adaptable, I want to work additional hours to support the NHS. In my current and previous work, I assist others colleagues if the workload is pressing on them during my off duty days and hours. I am also willing to perform duties outside my job description to assist the organisation when required.

Thanks for considering my application to work for the NHS. I will feel proud to work for this great organization if I succeed.
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Generally it’s advisable not to share things like this on TSR, while this is more for academic things like UCAS applications and assignments where anti plagiarism software is used, you also don’t want others coping your work.

WRT what you’ve written here, it’s pretty comprehensive and gives a broad illustration of your abilities, what is looked at when these are read is that you a) show genuine interest and motivation for applying for the specific post you are going for and b) meet the essential and desirable criteria in the person spec. It looks like you may have structured this in this way, but I can’t comment fully as I’ve not seen the JD or PS

I usually start these off with a “headline” paragraph as an attempt to get the readers attention and sell myself as interested and a good match for the post I am applying for.

I would avoid specific comments like “I administer oxygen to patients with saturations of less than 90%”, if you want to talk about this then I would use language such as “I administer medications where indicated to patients I have assessed following local protocols”. The 90% thing could be pulled apart in so many ways (why 90%? What is normal target spo2 on news? What if they’re a chronic T2RF? What if it’s not prescribed?) whereas using broad terminology allows for these variables.

You’ve hinted towards examples of where you have performed well (audits, award from the medical director) this is good, you could go into more detail here and these are things you can refer to in interview as well.

“I am also willing to perform duties outside my job description“ - I would remove this, while I get what you are trying to say here, it could potentially give the wrong message suggesting you work outside your bounds of competence.

If you want to share more details about the post - you can do this through private messaging me if you want - I’m happy to try and give more detailed feedback if you would like :smile:

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