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Moving to Scotland after year 12 in England

So my family and I are planning on moving out to Scotland after finishing my As levels. I have come to realize the Scottish academic system way too well. I know I cannot apply to uni anywhere in the UK with my As levels. So does this mean I'll have to be held a year back? like instead of entering S6, I should redo S5 which is year 12 in England because I am aiming for medicine. Therefore, this means I require 5 Highers to be done in s5 and 3 Advanced Highers in S6. Is that correct?
The Scottish system is, as you say, different.

They do their important exams in S5 (Year 12) - and lots leave school at the end of S5 to start university at the age of 17.

I expect the best option for you would therefore be to go into S5, take 4 highers, and then leave for university. You wouldn’t need to do S6 too, so you’ll still finish school at 18.

However, this seems like a very strange choice to make, and not the best option for your education. You’ll have to switch to a completely different educational system and different exam boards/curriculums for your subjects. Finishing your A-levels in England would be a lot more logical - can your family not wait one more year before moving to Scotland?

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