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Can’t remember if I slept with her

Hi so there was the girl who came into my flat in university might been last year or two years ago. So in general I smoke weed and drink beer almost every day. However I have cut back on smoking and drinking for a couple a months now still do it on occasion but not everyday now.

Basically when she came into my flat a few times and basically offered sex with me. But in the time frame of intoxication it has me been wondering did sleep with her whilst in that state of mind. And has made me anxious if I had done it with her whilst drunk and High.

It makes me think if I sexually assaulted her but I would never do that to any girl what do ever even in that state of mind. I am a nice a person in general and would never cause any harm to anyone especially to girls. It just made me think if did do something wrong?

Sorry if this is sensitive subject am just quite anxious is there any advice I’ve booked a therapy session to see if it might help.

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