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Can a man get an erection while blackout drunk?

I got so drunk that I blacked out. I remember being in a particular bar and that’s my last memories. I had drunk a ridiculous amount, and I’m not proud of that.
I was away from home and staying in a hotel. I’ve woken up on the bed with boxers and t shirt on with a girl also on the bed who was clothed. We weren’t cuddling or anything.
I freaked out and told her that I had to be up to check out and she had to leave. I was still drunk I assume and god knows why I didn’t just ask her, but I didn’t. I was so freaked out.
I don’t THINK we had sex but….?
Surely if I had a complete blackout there’s no way I could even get an erection?!
I can’t believe I would have also put my boxers/t shirt back on..
My minds all over the place and just seeing if anyone’s been in a similar situation?
I’m also done with drinking. According to my bank app, I also went to a shop after this bar and have obviously met this girl somewhere and got back to my hotel and located my room, all with 100% zero memory. Scary.