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What a-level subjects do you regret taking?

As the title says, what a-level subjects do you regret taking?
I don't really regret any of my A-level choices, but geography is a lot different to how I imagined it being, so I am enjoying it the least.
I regret attempting maths. And ICT was so different to how id imagined, and harder.
Probably English lit....
I only took it because I knew I wanted to do film at uni but wasn't exactly sure, so wanted to keep my options open. I never really enjoyed reading.
I wish I took art instead. Although it was rough for me at gcse and I was told its hello a lot of work at alevel.
Can I still do well in English? I got a 9 at gcse, but I have my alevel mocks soon and I'm feeling very lost :frown:

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