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can anyone please look at my cv for a degree apprenticeship and lmk what to change

Original post by aryaan12345

Hi there Aryaan,

I have a few recommendations:
1) Put the education section just below the Summary section. This is a very important section because they need to see that you achieve the minimum requirements. So you don't want it down at the bottom.
2) Don't have a skills section where you list skills. Instead have two sections Work Experience and Key Achievements. In the key achievements section, use sentences to describe things you've done and how they link to skills. (This shows you actually have the skills because anyone could just list them out). You could put your courses/membership of a sports team/school prizes etc. in the key achievements section.
3) Make sure you include your personal details at the top - email address, phone number, location and LinkedIn if you have it.

Hope that helps. Any other questions, reach out to me and ask

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