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RAF Cyberspace Communications Specialist

Hi All,

I'm currently studying for the L3 Diploma in Computing at a FE College.
I am expected to get around 32 UCAS points at the end of my course. University is an option for me, however I am also looking at the RAF as an option, especially the 'Cyberspace Communications Specialist' role.

I achieved modest results at GCSE, including a GCSE in Computer Science.

As an individual who isn't certain about about University, and decent IT Apprenticeships are difficult to come by in my area, is it worth joining the RAF?

Does anyone have any knowledge about the role, and any recommendations? (P.S., I'm aware of AFCO's).

If anyone knows, would you say that it's a good path (for 4 years or so), or would it be a better idea to find a decent Apprenticeship in Civvy street? (I would like to specialise in Cybersecurity)

Thank you!
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Read up on the role on the RAF Recruitment website; there is information about the job and type of Apprenticeship that can be gained, so see if it would be useful to you in a future career.

However, make sure you understand that there is only one route into the Armed Forces as a full-time member. Apprenticeships are earned by successful completion of your specialist training and certain tasks during your first tour; it's not like a 'day release' where you do the job and have time off for studying.

Also check that you don't have anything in your medical history that could delay or prevent an application.

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