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Passed RAF Filter Interview! What next...?

Today I was contacted and told I have passed the Filter Interview! (I'm applying for WSOp)

The message on my portal says the next step is OASC, however I expected it to be the medical, then fitness test, and then OASC. That's the order on the RAF website.
I've sent a message on the portal but it's the weekend so I won't get a reply until Monday, can anyone confirm that I'll have the medical next or OASC?

Thank you!
Congrats! yes you are right it should be in that order. Recruiters sometimes mess up and the RAF and Navy especially tend to change stuff very often. Best to ask your recruiter and double check with them. Based on the timelines it will probably be a while away anyways.
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Congratulations on passing your filter interview. Can’t help you on what comes next as it’s all changed from my day when OASC was like the one stop shop for everything, all at the same time. Think it was 3-4 days if you got all the way through, but you were sent home smartish if you failed any element. But at least you knew quickly and could get on with your life.

Anyway, regardless, if you need any advice about the WSOp role, I’m available. I was an Air Electronics Operator (AEOp) for 32 years, although all non commissioned aircrew were rebadged as Weapon Systems Operators (WSOp) in 2003. My experience was in maritime patrol in Scotland, which is now conducted by the P8 Poseidon Sqns at Lossiemouth. I was a ‘dry guy’ which in modern terms is known as ISR (EW). Although I’m retired from the RAF for over 10 years, I still have friends in most fleets which employ WSOps, as well as most of the instructors at Cranwell and on the OCU at Lossie .

If you need any advice, fire away. If not, very best of luck with your application and selection.


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