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Hobbies in personal statement?

In my personal statement I have lots to write about about work experience, books, why I like the psychology, volunteering, etc, but I haven't really got many extra curriculars. In my free time I am usually working or just chilling out with friends. I dont do any sports, etc. However I have picked up a hobby in crocheting since less than a year ago. I make clothes from time to time and I sometimes make crochet animals. Is it worth talking about this in my personal statement? What skills would it give me that I can talk about?
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I’m in a similar position because some people are telling me to make it purely academic and related to the subject and other people are telling me to include parts of “me” in there but I don’t know what to do! (But I’m applying for law)
Universities aren’t really interested in hobbies. You make your PS personal by adding details to your information on your academic interests, activities and motivations.
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You could mention crochet if you can tie it in to the subject you are applying for (psychology?). Maybe it is good for your wellbeing, or you teach it to prison inmates to improve their sense of self-worth as part of your volunteering. But this is one of the less relevant hobbies I have heard of someone considering incorporating in a PS.

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