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How to find work on a farm

I am 15 and really want to help out on a farm but i do not know how to find somewhere that will let me help out.
If you look on the National Sheep Association website when it opens in November farmers will be advertising work experience placements for students. A lot of them offer free accommodation and meals so you don't necessarily have to be near a farm. If you (or a parent) can go on The Lambing Club on fb there are also advertisements similar to this, or you can post yourself - if you do this you could also include you'd also be happy with working with other types of animals too, like cattle, pigs, poultry etc. Lambing (and calving or dairy if you can get some) are really good placements to get as you get used to all the long hours, different fluids, difficult situations, muck etc - obviously lambing is seasonal to spring though. Have you tried googling around your area? You could also look for petting zoos which I know are not the same but may be a starting point as they may have contacts of actual farms and also then you can say you have experience around large animals which may help someone say yes. If you just want to be around large animals (and again could be a starting point like with petting zoos) then have you looked for stables with horses? Riding schools are usually used to young helpers and new people starting to be around horses, and so usually they'll love an extra pair of hands - you could also try some horse rescues or RDAs. Some places that might've said no it's worth asking if they'd consider you at 16 as sometimes this is due to insurance reasons.

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