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Switching A Level subjects

Hey all,

I am nearly a half term into my Year 12 journey which is crazy to think of but I am experiencing a major dilemma. Media Studies has always been a passion of mine ever since the start of Year 10, I have loved and still love this subject so much, but the only stupid thing is, I didn’t take it for A Level even though I enjoyed it and got a good grade at GCSE.
My problems are as lies though:

1) What subject would I switch it to?
I mean, I do have an idea of switching from Politics (don’t get me wrong, it’s interesting but it is not the subject that I anticipated for me and I don’t take that much interest and passion in it as I expected).
Problems here? I already paid for the £40 book in which can’t really be sold for around the same price since politics is always changing and new textbooks get released every two years. This £40 came from a family friend who really supported my passion in taking politics and I just feel really guilty if I throw it all away now. Politics is probably more useful (in retrospective) to my future degree choice at university which will be law in comparison to media and I want to study at a Russell Group in which I don’t know if they will see a CTEC as a valuable subject when applying to such a competitive course in the future. Not to add that one of my politics teachers is my head of year and if I tell him that I’m switching it probably won’t go down too well🥲😂

2. Will I be stressed from all the work I have already missed?
Even though I am debating to switch to Media CTEC (since the A level will probably be too late as they are deep into content and selected products), I don’t know how stressed I will be with all the catch-up work I will need to do. Although a lot of the media CTEC is GCSE ideas and content which was covered through Year 10 and 11, I don’t want to stress and overwork myself too much if the catch up is overwhelming due to the huge workload and step up sixth form has so far been from GCSES.

3. Heart over head or head over heart?
My heart is saying to do CTEC media however my academic rigorous head is saying politics.

You might say all of these contribute to why I should switch and I should make the switch but I am a very indecisive person and I need guidance here on what I should do. I talked to Media’s head of department today and she said I can switch because I have that knowledge from GCSE but her only worry is if I would be able to handle the catch-up. Please help as I probably only have two days to decide now as after half term, I doubt the switch would be allowed!!!

Thank you all and any help would be appreciated
Don’t worry, if it isn’t the right course for you, then you could speak to your lecturer or any other staff member about your concerns

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