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revision advice? (science)

I am in year 11 and am kind of struggling to revise, specifically science. I take triple science and am overwhelmed with the amount of content that I am just expected to know, especially for chemistry and physics.

I find it hard to comprehend chemistry and physics and don't really remember much from year 10, when I do revise these two subjects the exam questions are never like what I have revised, even if I physically do revise the right things and I never remember anything.

When I get home from school I do revise but am so tired that nothing really sticks and I just end up feeling exhausted.

How do I actually get through all of the content whilst understanding it and being able to answer exam questions confidently?
For me it really helps if i'm actively doing stuff while revising like walking around or creating actions for geo ect to get it to stick but with the exam questions i think its just doing past papers :s-smilie: if anyone has any other tips for science that would be great!:h:

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