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Poor management

I've been put on probation for a long period of time, which is good because they want me to progress in the company.

My boss can see that I have a good positive mindset, that I want to do well.

However, I've been poorly managed...I wasn't provided with enough resources than I should've been given to do my job. My boss admitted that to me.

I missed out on a lot of information to do my job. Everyone was part of this course apart from me and kept to date on info but I was completely UNAWARE and basically left in the dark for 4 months.

I have to take my own time away from work to catch up. Is this right?

Management is also changing their reasons why I'm on probation too, one minute would be one thing then the next it would be something completely different.

I'm giving it my all in the company. But it seems that if I've not been included in this course, they've done really well without me in the first place. 4 months and had no clue of it!


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