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Hi guys, I need some help with accommodation advice. I’m currently first year at Exeter and I did have housing plans with a flat of six, however we couldn’t agree on a price and I had to part ways with the group so I can find somewhere for second year. I have made some amazing friends here, and friends that I consider to truly be family, however I made these after they found housing/a group for next year, so I’m currently looking into private halls.

Does anyone have any experiences with private halls in Exeter? I’m thinking of less than £170 a week if it’s a longer contract (like 51 weeks, the max I could do is £180) but if it’s a shorter contract (for example 48 weeks or less) I’d be willing to go with more expensive. However as I come from a single parent family and my mum can’t really afford to give me much apart from groceries (which I recognise I’m extremely lucky to have her support for that) so I’d prefer something more affordable. Does anyone have any experience with private student halls? I’d be fine with sharing a room with someone (if that sort of thing exists in private halls, although I’d much rather have my own room) so does anyone know of fairly affordable private halls? If so, what options do I have? I’ve heard of places like trust house and print works, but the websites are a bit confusing to navigate.

Also, is there a possibility to pay in instalments? I’m currently in university halls on campus and I pay the rent three times a year when student maintenance loans get given to us each term, so do the private halls accept rent like that? Or, I’d be fine with paying monthly, as I’d have the money for that each term anyway. But I wouldn’t be able to pay it all in one go, as I’d have to wait for student maintenance to come.

I’m from Exeter, so if all else fails I would live at home. I know that I’m in a very unique situation, and am very lucky to have that as a back up option, but I moved out to see how I find living in halls for the first year, and was considering moving back in with my mum second year and then saving up for a nice room in private halls in third year. However, I really do enjoy the independence that comes with living away from home, and it’s been really good for me to feel independent and experience socialising and being much closer to campus.

TLDR: looking for private halls in second year as my second year housing plans fell through, and looking for affordable private halls housing at less than £9k a year, preferably no more than £170-£180 a week, would prefer under £170.

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