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Brighton College 2024 Entry Acceptance

Hi all, I got an offer from Brighton College for September 2024 entry, and I was wondering if any current or past pupils can offer me some insights about the school environment and boarding life.
I'm an international pupil and will be a full boarder. I have a few questions:
1. What proportion/percentage of sixth form pupils board at Brighton College full time? Will it mostly be international pupils, or will there be as many local boarders?
2. Diversity/integration: I have heard that international pupils often stick together and don't integrate with the rest of the student body. Has there been racial stigma or generally a lack of diverse friend groups?
3. Accelerated Maths + Further Maths: My subject choices are likely Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry OR Economics. I have been debating over which of the last 2 I should choose, but Brighton College offers Further Maths and Maths as one subject, where pupils with higher affinities complete both courses in the time allocated for one. I'm in the highest set in Maths at my current school, and I also just started Further Maths IGCSE, which covers some AS Level content, but I feel like 5 A Levels might be too much, especially given the challenging nature of all five subjects.
4. Sports and extracurriculars:
Will we be scheduled to do a chosen sport regularly, or will it be for free time and school teams only?

I'm looking forward to the change in Sixth Form, but I want to make sure whichever school I choose is right for me.


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