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Why are bus drivers so annoying?

Got on the at Buchanan Bus Station bus, scanned my young Scot card and said “2 stops down the road”. Driver looks at me in a funny way and goes “where do you want to go?”(smirking). I then say “St James Road” which is the name of the road. Then he goes “Where is that?” Then starts shaking his head as if I’ve done something wrong… I just waited till he entered something on the device and scanned me through.😒
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Very few white drivers in Bristol nowadays.

What's that got to do with it?
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I'd be a nark if I had to deal with the worst of Joe Public every day.
I don't like to see the bus driver pulling away at the bus stop when someone has just missed it by a few seconds or so and knocking on the door. That is so mean.

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