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How is biomedical sciences here?

I can't find too many reviews online!

I just want to know more about how the hours are, what a typical week looks like, can you join online, study spaces on campus, feedback and marking, general support etc.,

I'm hoping to build up from a biomed course into GEM or the STP, so I want a place with a load of work experience opportunities. How do placements work here? Does the uni have good links? Is there much career support?

Hi there,

Glad to hear that you are interested in studying at the University of Liverpool, great choice!

The hours for Biomedical Sciences courses can vary depending on the specific modules and your year of study. However, you can expect to have around 15-20 contact hours per week, which includes lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practical sessions. Contact hours typically take place during the daytime, from around 9am to 5pm.

[start]The university has a number of dedicated study spaces for Biomedical Sciences students, including the Harold Cohen Library: This large library houses a vast collection of books, journals, and electronic resources related to biomedical sciences. The student guild building has a number of study areas, including quiet rooms, group study rooms, and computer labs. There are also a number of smaller study rooms on campus.[/start]

Placements typically take place during the third year of the Biomedical Sciences program, lasting for approximately eight weeks. Students can choose placements in various settings, including hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies. The university provides comprehensive support to students throughout the placement process. This includes guidance on identifying potential placements, preparing application materials, and interview preparation. The university's Careers and Employability Service also organizes placement fairs and workshops to connect students with potential employers.

I hope this is useful for you 🙂 let me know if you have any more questions!

Malachy - University of Liverpool Student Rep
Students in Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool
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