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Why the hell is re compulsory in my skl

How do you revise RE? I’m lich failing re like I just wanna get a 4😭
Idk anything in re like nothing
I do edexcel - contains Catholic Christianity , Judaism and philosophy and idk like even one quote/verse like nothing .my knowledge is 0
How tf do I make progress in less than a month , I acc need help /advise.

I will acc be grateful if anyone gives me a good tip man
hii i do aqa but im predicted 9 and got 91% in my mocks- i think the best way to go abt it is firstly get urself some core quotes. i can only help with catholicism cus i do buddhism and christianity but get quotes that apply to ur diff themes (lmk what ur themes r if u want some quotes) and copy them out over and over from memory till its perfect x

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