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Does anybody else think that Oxford is a beautiful city. It is historical in education and has amazing sights and is extremely well educated.

Or is it just me?
Oxford is a beautiful place, but has some of the most snobbish people I have ever met.
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I barely came across any snobbery at all when I was there (what snobbery I did encounter was from snooty first year undergrads), but I suppose most people wouldn't try it with me because of my size and how I appear. In fact, I found most locals to be very accommodating, and my experience was that they'd go out of their way in order to not be associated with the 'Southern' stereotypes of snobbery and aloofness.

I dunno that the city populace is that well educated. I worked in a school there and found half of the people to be exactly like where I'm from but with different accents. You might have a skewed perspective if your only experience of the place is the universities rather than the local people in general.

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