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Which university should i pick (KCL, Bath, Edinburgh) ?

I am planning on studying economics and potentially going into finance. I am split between the following universities.

KCL e&m,
Bath (International Development with Economics),
Edinburgh (Social Policy and Economics) ,

I wan to go to a university that is both prestigious and has connections with banking. Which uni is the best?
Hi there,

Great choices for universities. Picking one can be difficult as there are a lot of factors to consider.

Firstly all three are highly ranking in their courses so I should think they'd all provide excellent course structures and teaching. I cannot comment on the others but bath has lots of connections to companies in both placement and grad schemes so they would be able to assist you in your future career.

Since the courses are slightly different at each you may want to consider what exactly they're offering and which is best for you. Have a look on the websites to see what modules they offer or maybe reach out to current students to get a feel fore each and which you would enjoy the most.

You also want to consider both the universities in general and the towns you will be living in. Bath for example is a campus university so everything is combined in one place, with great sports facilities including a gym, running tracks swimming pool etc and easy transport links into the city (10 mins on the bus which runs every 15 minutes). The town itself is fairly small, beautiful structures and sights with plenty of shops, restaurants, activities etc. You may want to look into the surroundings and decide what it is yo are looking for. Do you want good nightlife? Easy transport? Living costs?

Good luck with your decision!
-Sophie (uni of Bath)
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Bath - the placements system is probably the best in the UK.

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