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Does eating curry make you feel ill afterwards?

Does any one get a bad tummy from eating curry? It always seems to give me a tummy upset and diarrhoea
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Not me. The curry dishes I have eaten did not cause any issues with my tummy, not even the hot spiced one.
No but I'm South Asian origin, so... :dontknow:
No, never makes me feel unwell.
But I adore super spicy curries with lots of chilli heat and am always combining together a variety of super hot chilli powders to make extremely hot phal or vindaloo curries.
Can't find a curry hot enough for me.

Some friends who can't cope with much chilli or paprika feel unwell unless they have a milkshake or ice cream along with the curry.
Eating too many portions of curry or not cooking the curry for long enough can also make people feel ill.
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