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What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today?

My partner and I are working on trying to get back into better eating habits after both being ill for the past few weeks. Less skipping meals and spending money on takeout (although that is on the menu for tonight...)

Going to start with yesterday to kick off the first post because it's only 9am:

Breakfast: skipped it. :redface:
Lunch: lorne sausage & fried egg bread roll.
Dinner: popcorn chicken, sweet potato wedges, broccoli, and corn on the cob.

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Breakfast: Bread & Butter
Lunch: Cheese Sandwich
Dinner: Poached Eggs on Toast
Breakfast: toasted cream cheese & cucumber bagel, soy coconut yoghurt, and watermelon
Lunch: Indomie noodles and 2 clementines
Dinner: salt & chilli chicken and chips (takeout)
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Breakfast, sesame bagel w/Marmite
Lunch, McDonald's
Tea, spicy witch topokki with gochugang sweet potato & broccoli on the side
Breakfast: 2 slices of toast and watermelon.
Lunch: McDonalds nuggets & fries. (takeout again aghh)
Dinner: beef noodle broth made with rump steak, rice vermicelli, beansprouts, brocoli, and garlic.
Beer . Just beer. Stag do rages on !!
Breakfast: Food
Lunch: More Food
Dinner: Even More Food
Breakfast - Pancakes with strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.
Lunch - Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Dinner - Salmon (marinated in lemon juice, pepper, salt, mixed herbs and chilli flakes) with potato croquettes.
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Breskfast- Toast
Dinner- Coco pops
Tea- Steak pie, potatoes and veg
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Breakfast, sesame bagel w/Marmite
Lunch, muesli with yoghurt, oat milk strawberries + apple
Tea, quesadillas; using up leftover burrito filling from in the week + veggies from yesterday
Breakfast: 2 potato waffles each topped with a fried egg. Orange juice.
Lunch: falafel wrap, cucumber and celery sticks with jalapeño houmous, cheddar, and pickled silverskin onions. Darjeeling tea.
Dinner: pork meatballs and mushrooms in a homemade spicy arrabiata sauce* with garlic dough balls accompanied by a glass of cabernet sauvignon. 🍷

*my first time making my own sauce and it turned out fantastic. :biggrin:
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Breakfast: a potato waffle topped with a fried egg, honeydew melon, and coconut soya yoghurt. Orange juice and darjeeling tea.

Lunch: rice vermicelli with steamed baby corn, beansprouts, brocoli, green beans, mushrooms, red chillis, and red peppers.* Lemon & ginger tea.

Dinner: penne bolognese* and garlic dough balls. Cabernet sauvignon.

*I had a ton of veg to use up so just threw it all in the steamer without too much thought. Can you tell? 😂

**I prepared a batch of bolognese a couple of weeks ago with a jarred sauce and it was dreadful. Far too sweet. Managed to save it with a few mushrooms, half a tomato, quarter of an onion, tomato paste, parsley, and oregano.
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Breakfast: skipped it

Lunch: meal replacement shake (vanilla), and a chinese chicken stick (65 cals)

Dinner: I haven't had it yet, it's cooking, but it will be Tesco Firepit Mango Coconut & Lime Chicken Mini Fillets with sweetcorn and spaghetti

Supper: yoghurt peanuts, and cheddar with cream crackers
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Breakfast: honeydew melon and coconut soya yoghurt. Lemon & ginger tea.

Lunch: falafel wrap, salad, crisps, and chocolate. Ginger ale.

Dinner: chips, battered sausage, and onion rings (takeout 🔨). Tropical soft drink.

Started a new job today, had an apartment viewing right after work, and my bento-style lunchbox was missing so I needed to replan lunch on the fly. Rushed and stressful day. Gonna run a bath and pour a glass of wine. 🍷
breakfast: porridge (oats, flax seeds, blueberries, honey, skyr yogurt) w/ a mocha protein shake
lunch: soft cheese and smoked salmon slices on toast w/ an ice cream latte from a cafe
dinner: braised steak with mash, and peanut butter and banana on toast
snack: skyr yogurt w/ a plum
Breakfast: skipped it

Lunch: meal replacement shake (vanilla)

Snack: 2 Maryland choc chip cookies

Dinner: Liver, bacon, and onions with mashed potatoes, mixed veg, and gravy

Supper: cheddar cheese with cream crackers
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Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with cream cheese, and honeydew melon. Lemon & ginger tea.

Lunch: falafel wrap, salad, cucumber & carrot sticks with jalapeño houmous, and coconut soya yoghurt. Lemon & ginger tea.

Dinner: sweet potato wedges, garlic chicken kyiv, and corn on the cob. Strawberry daiquiri.
Breakfast: Chinese chicken on a stick

Snack: 2 little chocolate rabbit things (freddo sized), and a few chocolate covered honeycomb pieces

Lunch: grilled cheese & sausage sandwich, with a pickled gherkin

Dinner: slow cooked chicken & vegetable casserole
Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with cream cheese, watermelon, and coconut soya yoghurt. Ginger ale.

Lunch: falafel wrap, egg salad, and cucumber & carrot sticks with jalapeño houmous. Lemon & ginger tea.

Dinner: pork meatballs and mushrooms in a wrap with homemade spicy arabiatta sauce and garlic dough balls. Tropical soft drink.

...dinner was meant to be a pasta dish. But after a stressful day and a very distracting conversation while making dinner I forgot to actually cook the pasta. So I improvised with corn tortilla wraps. 😅
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Everyone is like feasting on delicious stuff in this thread keep it up yall

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