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Mental health nursing or Social care

I am 44 y old and I am thinking to study mental health nursing or a social care. I had eating disorder when I was young so I would like to help people with this condition.The only problem is that I struggle to past maths level 2 qualification.I also have degree from Poland in Pedaggogy.Because of maths I thought that I may study a social care.I don't need maths if I start with foundation year course.But I have worries that I won't get bursary because of my husband wages(he earn 45 thousand a yeaand he won't help me).On another hand I know that Nhs is paying bursary/£5000, doesn't matter what...

And also ...what is more stresful ...mental health nursing or social care?is mental health nursing physical too?I can't work physically because I have problem with my back.

Please help🙏🙏🙏

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