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A Level RS or A Level Sociology

I'm currently choosing my a levels and i want to do a career in psychology, mainly clinical psychology but that is still at debate. I've already decided that I do biology and psychology a level but I don't know what to pick for the other two. My current idea is rs or sociology but I'm also thinking about chemistry but is chemistry really useful? Or do I need more essay-based subjects like rs?
I did RE/Philosophy and Ethics for the first two months of Year 12 and I found it to be a pretty dead subject, which was made even worse as I would sometimes have it for two hours with the same teacher or two teachers. It's essentially listening to the teacher yap on about some cocky and arrogant philosophers who think they are smart because they think God doesn't exist and because they use some fancy terminology that no one asked for.

Take that as my own opinion (because I'm a STEM person) but I think it mainly comes down to which sounds more interesting and maybe which subjects are required by universities for psychology?
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