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Am I over reacting?

Sorry this will be long

So I was speaking to this boy a few weeks ago and it was going great. We then organised a date. On the day of the date I didn't hear anything from him or even the day before. Its gets to 5 hours before he's supposed to come to Liverpool and I asked him are you still coming and he says probably not. Which absolutely annoyed me because he knew I cancelled plans with other people so we could go out.

Anyway he recently came back and I expressed that I wasn't interested because I really value communication. After a few apologies and a lot of sweet talking I decided I'd give him another chance. So yesterday he messages saying do you wanna call and I'm like okay. At that time it was 1:31am for me and 9.31pm for him so he said he'd try and be quick.

I ended up going to bed around 3 am (I wasn't waiting for him that's just the time I've been going to bed. So today when I woke up i was like I wonder if he called as I would have missed it because I was asleep. Guess what? No call or even a message to say hey sorry don't think I'll be able to call you etc

Which has now frustrated me because 1. The call was his idea 2. He knew the time it was for me and 3. He's had lack of communication again. Am I right to tell him once again I'm not interested for this reason now? it's really frustrated me.

BTW when we where speaking the first time around I really really did like him and I do still like him but I'm very annoyed at what he's done. I know it's not that deep but It has bothered me
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move on and leave him be. he clearly has zero time for you.

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