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My boyfriend says he doesn't want to have sex...

He said he doesn't want to have sex because of a few reasons-
1) he knows I have a fear of giving birth.
2) we had sex once or twice and we didn't use protection because it was very spontaneous and we got scared both times.
But here's the thing...
He only said that after I bought condoms. And I'm on birth control. I know that it's not a 100% sure thing but still.
Is he losing interest in me? Or is that the real reason? We've been together for 9 months already. Am I over reacting?
Sometimes guys are just too afraid to have sex with girls because we think that we may not please them. You are not over reacting, if it's important for you to have sex you should tell him about this, he might have his own problems, and pregnancy may not be the main reason. Just talk to him, don't overthink or try to guess, it's always better just to discuss the problem.

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