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How are you meant to revise for English Lit?

I am in Year 11 and have my mocks coming up after Christmas. I haven't really had much marked work back (only one piece over the last two years), so I'm not really sure if my answers are actually good enough to access top marks. The one thing that I'm really not sure about how to revise are the Anthology poems (I do iGCSE Edexcel). Any advice?
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i didn’t do the same exam as you so can’t help with anthology but here’s some tips

use the examiners reports and mark schemes to self mark, if you can’t get teachers to mark for you. it’s normally quite clear and can give you a good idea

revise context and quotes, as contextual knowledge will get you to top grades, for example gender roles, politics and historical context of when it was written

link quotes to the themes of the text

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