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Coming from a mid-tier, ex-poly uni, is there any hope for me?

Hi everyone,

So a quick introduction, I am in my second year of a law degree at Northumbria university. In college I was predicted strong A-levels (A*,A*,A), however, due to personal circumstances I only came out with ABB. Instead of re-taking like I should have, I allowed myself to get pressured into going through clearing by my tutor and parents. I ended up choosing Northumbria as I was applying to do law at Newcastle anyways and, at the time, they were only a few places behind.

So, to cut a long story short, Northumbria is awful, especially in terms of graduate prospects. I was sold on the idea of it being a highly respected law school, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

So my question is this:
Coming from an ex-poly, set to graduate with a high first (80+) with these experiences-
- Internship with Northumbria focused on assisting Court of Appeal judges
- Student rep for a top legal database company
- Copywriter for law-related company
- Scholarship holder with a local regional firm (mid-size), which involved a week of work experience
- Hospitality

Do I stand a chance of breaking into any kind of legal/finance roles, outside of things like high street firms (I'm talking more reputable firms, such Magic Circle, Silver Circle, US, top regional etc.).

Sorry for any grammar issues in any of this, I'm supposed to be studying for my January exams but can't shake the feeling that none of it matters in the end anyways because the uni I come from will always hold me back. I just wish I was never pressured into going through clearing, all of this could have been avoided :frown:
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Stay with the decision you have made and be thankful. Your career will begin because you have the drive to make it happen and your likeability will be your caveat for employment...relax.
Of course you can. Apply and see where you get to. Law firm hire good candidates not universities.
More and more firms are doing blind recruitment, at least for sift to interview. If you get a First and are doing the things you say then you stand a good chance of at least being called for interview. The only thing I’d add is I’d try and get work experience in the areas you’re interested in - you mention finance but don’t really have any work ex in this. Apply for insight days and first-year schemes at London law firms. There’s been tons from Easter right through the summer. Usually advertised on their websites.

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