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what is the most effective way to revise
depends what subject u do, search on tiktok ur subject + best revision technique
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best revision technique would to to prepare and revise when good enough then do the past Papers.
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what is the most effective way to revise

Hi @enis3,

Some effective ways of revising are addressed below:

A revision time table - you can find many different styles of these online whether you want to create one that is very in depth or a more basic one for if any changes are required in the day. I find the best way of setting one of these up could be with some colour for different subjects and making sure you are having breaks and days off - making manageable to do lists off this can also be helpful such as if you are wanting to focus on the creation of revision resources one day for a subject and then in a couple of days do practice papers.

Looking at past papers you may have done on subjects and working out what you did well and what areas you can improve on - this prevents you spending time on things you already understand and allows you to effectively use your time on areas to improve - I would also recommend speaking with teachers if you are seeing a recurring issue within specific topics of a subject as they may be able to provide further resources to support you.

Do work little and often where you can rather than large amounts in one go as this usually means you don't actually take on much of the information you have learnt as it usually consists of not many breaks and can lead to burnout.

A revision technique which I know is recommended by many is the Pomodoro method - which highlights the importance of breaks.

I would recommend making revision resources ahead of your exams as this not only ingrains the information you would be learning it allows for you to then do practice questions/papers which may not be possible if you were unable to learn the content in time.

Some revision techniques that can be useful include: flashcards, mind maps, essay plans (where appropriate for your studies), mnemonics, saying it out aloud or teaching your friends/family.

Hopefully some of those tips will help.

Good luck in any future exams!

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