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Being overwhelmed by jargon when learning a new skill

Whenever I try and learn a new skill or topic that is particularly complex to me or something I have little to no basis such as ( religion, finance ). I tend to get really overwhelmed by all the jargon for example I will read a page and it's full of jargon and terms and I click them to define and it's full of loads more jargon !

has anyone else struggled with this and how can I overcome this?
Probably best to take a "bottom up" approach rather than a "top down" approach - start with simpler basic, core fundamental concepts/textbooks/etc, then work up to the more complicated stuff.

Starting with the complicated stuff to begin with can lead to this situation where there is so much specialised terminology and concepts you aren't familiar with that deciphering a single text about it takes as long as going the other way anyway!

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