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How to give feedback or report a problem

Welcome to our Give Feedback Or Report A Problem Request forum

As amazing as The Student Room is, nobody's perfect. We rely on our community to help us in creating the best online student space possible.

If you have noticed a bug on the website or app, would like us to build a new feature or have any other feedback on how to improve your experience, then we would love to know. Below is the form to submit a new ticket that will get your issue looked at by one of our wonderful development team.

Raise an issue on The Student Room

Are you unsure if you should raise an issue? Below are examples of the things that we would love to hear from you about:

- Something on The Student Room doesn't work as you would expect it to
- Something on The Student Room only works intermittently
- Something is missing from The Student Room that we should add

Please make sure any concerns regarding inappropriate or rule breaking content still goes through the usual report functionality so it can be dealt with by our team of moderators. Otherwise you can still raise concerns via our Ask The Community Team forum found here.

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