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Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

Wondering if Scribbr's Plagiarism Checker would be considered malpractice, as I would rather pay £14 per paper than get excluded and be £60k in debt with no degree?

My faculty has disabled the Turnitin similarity report and gives very little feedback on improvements. With no feedback on my terrible paraphrasing from year one, I accepted plagiarism for an essay in year 2, hence now one more plagiarised piece from being excluded.

*Their terms state papers kept private and deleted after 30 days. The checkers are contractually obliged to delete the paper after assessing. However, what if there is a checker putting everyone's papers into a public database, which would flag them up for malpractice*. Is this likely?
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How did you manage it, and what are your thoughts on using Scribbr now?

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