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RCM vs RAM vs Guildhall Composition

Hello everyone!

I am a composer currently studying at an undergraduate level at a community college in Southern California and I recently completed my transfer applications/auditions to various institutions across the globe.
These schools included serval in-state and in-country schools, but I also applied to the Royal College of Music, The Royal Academy of Music, and the Guildhall School in London, all of which I am happy to say have offered me a place!

Of course, I know the schools all have a fantastic reputation and amazing faculty, recourses, etc... However, since I am coming from out of the country, I know very little about the differences between the programs, specifically the Royal College and The Royal Academy, both of which I am heavily considering.

To provide some background on my compositions, I primarily compose in a contemporary classical style but have also dabbled in film scoring. I additionally have a huge interest in conducting and was wondering if any UK or international composers could provide any insight on both of these programs and their respective pros and cons.

I have been told the Royal Academy provides a more academically rigorous program with a lot of performance opportunities for composers, and the Royal College is a bit more lax. But again, I'm completely unsure and honestly a bit overwhelmed comparing the two, especially since I'm still waiting to audition for the schools I applied to in the US.

If anyone could help me in any I would be forever grateful since I am extremely happy to be given these opportunities, but feel conflicted about what to do that would be best for my development as a composer or future conductor.

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