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Unis for Physics

Okay so I'm starting to think about my uni options for next year after my gap year, because that's one of the only things I can think about right now without having a panic attack. Long post ahead.

I will have achieved grades by that point, and at the minute I'm expecting to achieve at least 2A* 1A, so I'm working off the assumption I'll have those grades.

The one uni I have right now that I'm definitely applying for is Bath. I'm looking for unis that have good course content for particle/nuclear/theoretical physics. Doesn't have to be a degree in specifically that, just has to have good content in one or more of those areas (though it seems like that would apply to all the accredited ones as they're all similar). The uni should also have good disability and financial support. It would be great if accommodation didn't cost the right to my first-born child but that's being a bit optimistic.

I'd like either a campus uni or a city that's not too big, and I'm not really considering London because it's far too expensive (£12 Costa sandwich ☠️). Being able to get around easily on a bike or using public transport is a priority, and I'd also prefer somewhere with good train links so I can get a train home on some weekends. Bonus points if it's somewhere where I won't have to fear for my life on a daily basis as a young woman. Extra bonus points if it has historical/cultural attractions relatively nearby that I can visit in my free time as I'm not one for parties or drinking. Unfortunately must be in England.

Anyone who's read this far, thanks. I appreciate any suggestions to look into. Feel free to ask for any additional information.

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