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Nursing at hull

Does anyone have any idea of what the timetable looks like for the first year and if it's possible to be flexible for times of placement?
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What do you mean by "flexible for times of placement"?
If you mean:

When you go on placement. The answer is no, your placement blocks are when they tell you they are. Timetabling which cohort is out on placement when for next academic year has already been sorted out.

Shift times for placement. The answer is both yes and no. On shift work placements (hospital wards, A&E, nursing homes), if a day shift is 730am-830pm, you can't just decide to start at 8am and finish at 6pm because that's what you'd like to do; what you can do is talk to the ward manager about days off (if you have specific appointments you can't miss, days where you've tried absolutely everything but can't get any childcare). District nurses, practice nurses, specialist nurses, outpatients tends to be a bit different as they tend to be along the 8-6 Monday-Friday sort of hours.

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