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best revision resources for N5/H/AH

Hi all! :smile:
I thought I might make a thread about the resources people use to revise to achieve their academic goals! :woo:
This thread is generally aimed at pupils doing their National 5s, Highers and Adv Highers as there are not many resources that are widely known for those, however if you are doing any other qualifications feel free to post as well!

Here on this thread you can talk about what resources help you revise (can be anything!!) and you can also ask others questions based on their subjects and level of study when you’re feeling stuck!

To get started I will mention a few great websites that I use to help me revise:

- SQA understanding standards (incredible for past papers, shows you what an exam marker expects from an answer - includes commentary)
- BBC bitesize (has loads of free revision content for N5 and H!)
- Achieve (this is a very useful website with notes, links to videos and practice questions! unfortunately it is subscription based if your school hasn’t paid for it. make sure to check if it has on )
- Mr Marr history (great to recap key events and exam technique if you take history!)

These are just a few resources that I use that really help a lot! You can also talk about good revision guides/textbooks, yt channels, apps/websites, revision techniques and more!

Good luck in exams everyone!! :biggrin:
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Here are some materials that have helped me this year

Knowunity (for social sciences, and sciences)

JAB Chem (very useful as it gives you explanations for answers)

SCHOLAR- (If your school has signed up for it)

higher & Nat5 maths website

Quizlet (good for finding flashcards)

Studocu for AH bio (has great materials)

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