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hey, I am new

Hi, I'm from Germany, and I study history and art. I'm here because I'm interested in history in general and currently focusing on Scottish history. I made a post and asked a question yesterday, but I can't reply yet. However, I thought I'd still introduce myself. I'm glad to be here, even though I'm not studying in the UK. That makes me very happy.:smile:

My English isn't that good. I struggle with translating and need help. I live near a nature reserve and have a great dog. I'm currently studying modern history and medieval (Eurocentric), starting from the 19th century to around 800 - 1500. I'm learning under Prof. Dr. Hermann Kamp. I'm not sure if he's known. In Germany, he's known in medieval history, not just in German history. I look forward to exchanging ideas and I'm happy to answer questions about my studies.

bis bald :smile:
Hello @PiNi9191 :hello:
I hope that you are enjoying the student room so far! You may like to have a look here/use this forum to start conversation specific to your course:
Let me know if I can help with anything :smile:

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