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Should I file a police report

Hi all,
Before I said what happened, just you all know about my background. I am an international student living in a boarding school for 2 years. Recently, lots of weird things happen since load of Chinese students been to our school. Different things start getting missing overnight from towel to expensive shoes. Everything when something have gone missing, our head of house used to “tell people off” by saying “people leave the school because of thief” but apparently he won’t do anything other than that. Basically, pupils in the boarding house have to hand in their electronic device overnight to prevent pupil get sleepy in the morning due to overuse of device in the night. One day as I hand my device with my expensive power bank (Worthing like £50 as it’s a 25000mAh power bank) in to the boarding house office during the night, it turn out where my power bank suddenly have gone missing at the second day. You may think it’s a separate incidents but It have happened three time in two weeks in me. I have lost in total of £60 just because things suddenly gone “missing” overnight. I have spoken to my head of house several time and he doesn’t seem care much about that. Do you think I should file a police report against the school or having my parents to write to the headmaster ? Because I know I will be hated by everyone if I take further action against those “thief” as everyone have to get search by the school

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