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Accidentally scrapped a car

I accidentally scraped a car whilst making a turn in a tight corner in a car park. I felt bad, so I waited for the owner to come out so I speak to them. I waited for a good hour. I couldn’t write a note as I didn’t have a paper nor a pen and I had time in my hands to exchange details with the owner so I waited. However, somehow the owner got into their car without noticing the scratch and drove off. The car park was filled with cars that I didn’t notice the owner leave. I tried following the owner to stop them however, they were completely leaving the town I live at and I had low fuel. It was a bmw 525 2007, the car has a few previous scratches and more. There was a witness, however, it was just a student at a school. I don’t even know if it was reported. I don’t what to do next because I did try do the right thing. I recorded everything from me waiting, to me following the lady to stop her. It’s not a major scratch it’s a Basically a paint swap at the corner front of the car.
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Well you can try this somewhat unbelievable explanation should you get caught out though the witness or cctv. Not much to do now, other than to hope you got away with it, unless you ring the police on 111 and report it
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Report it to your insurer ASAP. You must do this, even if you’re not claiming.
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Basically, you hit and run a vehicle, so you now need to physically go to a Police Station within 24 hours to report the incident.

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