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Learn Direct Introduction to Psychology Assignment

I have started doing Unit 4: Introduction to Psychology on a Learn Direct Access course

My assignment reads

Section 2: Individual Learning Skills
As part of your course we have included tasks that aim to improve your independent learning skills. These tasks can be found throughout each lesson. Below you will find a quick link to each of the tasks that were contained in the lesson that this assignment relates to. Before you are able to submit your assignment you will need to make sure you have completed each one of these tasks as well.

1st Assignment Planner

Referring to the table above and the 2 examples where not all boxes have been completed. Do some online research or use a textbook to see if you can find an example of the research/theory that underpins examples c and d.

There are no links, no tables
has anyone done this module and know what part of the study materials it relates to
I've written to Learn Direct - but can't proceed until they answer (3 days)

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